Production Accounting

Truly Effortless:

mydaEs (My Digital Accounting Entertainment Software) production accounting software is a fully integrated general ledger and payroll accounting package designed for the management of Features and Television productions. Our Distribution Change module creates a time saving experience by easily updating transactions. Additionally, the creation of vendors, accounts and locations on the fly is done effortlessly.

As for saving the planet …. mydaEs was designed to be environmentally friendly.

Key benefits of using mydaEs

Intuitive Menus

  • Simply open mydaEs and commence your work. No need for complicated manuals.
  • mydaEs is the most efficient package for data entry, cost management and forensic requirements. Track all your workflow with an easy to follow drop-down menu.


Saving Time

  • Extensive import and export functionality.
  • Electronic banking with automated supplier remittances.
  • Facility to customize reports required by various parties including stakeholders.


Find and Export

  • Powerful transaction find function allows for quick recovery of any transaction set for export or analysis.
  • Transactions can be identified via nominated fields; such as description, date, account number, etc., including any viable combination for a refined search.
  • Export all support documentation for any given set that is necessary for GST audit, insurance claim, re-invoicing etc.



  • Data entry efficiency assured with an extensive and easy to use import capability from any spreadsheet.
  • Petty Cash, Journals and Purchase Orders can be easily imported from our user-friendly templates provided to all customers and free of charge.
  • Make your own templates, if preferred. Easy adaptation of credit card statements, development costs, and lab quotes that can be supplied in Excel or CVS formats.


Flexibility Assured

  • Our powerful cost manager allows up to four levels of detail for the cost reporting process, and is able to manage the most complex of projects or multiple projects within one data file.


Global Reach

  • Multiple currency capability.
  • International tax reporting, international banking, international tax credit or rebate reporting.


Backup made Easy

  • Anytime backup without quitting the system.
  • Data generated by you remains your property. Archive locally with a program copy that is run locally. Provides access to your data and supporting documentation at all times.



  • Integrity of your data is assured with built-in protections.
  • Asset/inventory management tool includes specialist tagging for control of company assets.
  • Off-site, password protected, on a secure server.


Financial Reporting

  • Year End reporting which meets all auditors needs.
  • Historic balance sheets, trial balance and bank reconciliations based on document, posted or period dates as appropriate.


Green Credentials

  • mydaEs is working to achieve a paperless office.
  • Generate POs and Checks/Bank Transfers all to PDF formats.
  • User can export reports in Excel, PDFs etc. and extrapolate data without having to print cumbersome reports.

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